holy shit

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chuck and blair being chuck and blair (part 2)

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au where police officers get held accountable for their actions

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Boy Meets World (1993) / Girl Meets World (2014)

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get to know me meme: [3/5] favorite tv shows » boy meets world

↳ Life’s tough.  Get a helmet.

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People talk about how hard long distance relationships are but nobody talks about the struggle of long distance friendships. I would give my left leg right now to just be able to sit in our pjs and watch movies or to just be able to give a big fucking hug. 


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My therapist just told me a joke. 


So this girl walks up to another girl and says “Hey, have you heard of the Bechdel Test?”

And the other girl says, “Yeah, my boyfriend was telling me about it the other day!”

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Anonymous said:
"What is your ultimate fantasy?"


Financial stability.

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what a beautiful day to not be in high school

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